Prom Dress

Today I want to talk about the prom and to let you know where you can buy cheap prom dresses. On this website:  you can find anything you want: from sexy to long and elegant dresses.

With just one click on: , you will see many prom dresses under 100 $. I remember the days before my prom. Everyone was freaking out about their dresses, because they use to be very expensive, but you can look good without spending a lot of money on a special dress just with a click.

On the night of my prom, I wore a white – knee length  dress, made of lace. I proved that tattoos do match with an elegant dress! All the girls had unique prom dresses, but mine was special as I looked as a little bride, hihi!

This year I finish my master degree. We won’t have a prom, but I hope we’ll make a big party to mark this special event. I would look on tidebuy for an affordable prom dress. If I would have to choose, I will put on my wishlist:

Lovely A-Line Empire Strapless Ruffles Beading Short/Mini Sandra’s Homecoming Dress


I like this dress because it’s green, sexy and fun in the same time! Perfect for a girls night.

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