Fashion Stripes from TideStore

This year, stripes are very fashionable! And I need to be in trend, so I made a wish list of cheap women clothing ( ) from TideStore:

On I found many clothes with stripes, at good prices, cheap shop online.

Slim Fit Striped Sleeveless Knee High Day Dress


A new dress is always a must! No matter how many a girl has! And this beautiful one is almost 10$. It can be found only on these colors: black and white. Casual and in style, this dress is a deal.

I also found an interesting t-shirt. Which seems to be like a usual one: only black and white stripes, but the back is the surprise! It has a heart cut shaped, How cute! And it has a 75% discount, now it’s only 12.79$.

Unique Stripe Short Sleeve Backless T-Shirt

tidestore 2

I had to look over a colored dress too. So here is this, a beautiful and comfy dress, with white, orange and blue stripes. I love it!

Comfy Sleeveless Bowknot Colorful Stripe Short Day Dress

tidestore 3

What do you think about stripes? Do you have any clothes like this or do you plan to buy some?


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