TideStore Spring Wishlist

I see jumpsuits everywhere! So, for this spring/ summer, I really need to buy one for myself too. I found a lot of pretty jumpsuits on www.tidestore.com. I think they are fashionable and classy at the same time.


My favorite jumpsuits are:

Chic Style Off The Shoulder Patchwork Black Polyester One-piece Skinny Jumpsuit


This black jumpsuit is so simple, but at the same time, wearing it, you’ll get a lot of attention! It can be found here: http://www.tidestore.com/product/Fashion-New-Style-Off-The-Shoulder-Patchwork-Black-Polyester-One-Piece-Skinny-Jumpsuit-11222960.html at only 23.19$!

I would never wear a jumpsuit with flats because I’m petite and I would look funny, so I chose a pair of high heels sandals to match with it. There are a lot of sandals here: http://www.tidestore.com/Wholesale-Sandals-100277/ . My favorite pair of sandals is:

Boutique Ancient Rome Style With Cross&Ankle Straps Sandals



I like these sandals because they are all black, but its pattern makes them special. They have a 13cm heel and a platform of 3cm and now they are on sale: only 32.79$, from 119$!

Of course I couldn’t make a wishlist without a dress! You know my big obbsession for dresses. So, I would like to buy from here: http://www.tidestore.com/Wholesale-Maxi-Dresses-100037/ :

Bohemian Solid Color Big Hem Maxi Dress



First of all, I like its color! It’s available on black, light blue and light purple, but this one: light blue ( mint) is my favorite. And it costs only 19.19$! I also like its model: very comfortable and girly at the same time.

Another maxi dress I would like to buy is:

Sexy Korean Style Maxi Chiffon Dress



I like its model and the colorful print. Perfect for spring!

What product from TideStore do you like the most?


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