Hairstyles and wigs

I have always liked having an interesting hair. I had a lot of haircuts and a lot of colors in my hair since I was a teenager. Back in time, I had many colors in my hair at the same time such as red, pink, green, blue, blonde, black, etc. Well, my hair was ruined and I gave up my style. But for about a few months I make my hair green and I love it.

The best idea for changing haircuts and colors is to wear remy human hair wigs. In this way you keep your hair healthy and you’ll be an interesting appearance everytime.

I would choose a Beyonce wavy hair wig, long, about 22 inches. I have always loved curly, wavy hair, but mine is very straight. This wig is very natural and because it’s almost blonde, I can color it in every color I want: green, pink, etc.



You can find cheap lace front wigs on wigsbuy.

Now they have Christmas curly wigs for sale, so you better take a look and find a great hair style, perfect for you!

I would like to try a Rihanna bob celebrity wig, as I never had such a short hair and I would never cut my hair never like this, but I’m curious how I would look.



Also, a purple long hair sounds so me! I found one which is perfect! Very long and purple!



What do you think about wigs? Would you wear one? Which hair style do you like the most?


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