new SHP.WidgetManager({
widget: “ministore”,
domain: “”,
obj: 129504045,
step: 4,
rowitems: 2,
width: “auto”,
height: 500,
roundedcorners: 1,
linktagging: 1,
listmode: “full”,
lang: {
lang_prod_all: “Produse populare”,
lang_prod_new: “Produse noi”,
lang_prod_deals: “Produse recomandate”,
lang_prod_cat: “Categorii de produse”,
lang_prod_buy: “Cumpara”,
lang_prod_next: “Pagina urmatoare”,
lang_prod_prev: “Pagina precedenta”,
lang_prod_back: “Mergi inapoi”
theme: {
shell: {
background: “#B277D9”,
color: “#FFFFFF”
content: {
background: “#F7F7F7”,
color: “#054080”,
links: “#4B4B4B”,
price: “#0B9DE0”

Viziteaza-ne magazinul


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